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Grade A , Fresh & Quality Frozen Products



Whole Chicken with and Without Giblets
Whole Chicken Griller in 9 pieces
Half Chicken 
Whole Boneless Chicken - Shawarma 
Whole Chicken Breast Bone-in Skin-on 
Whole Chicken Breast Boneless Skinless 
Chicken Breast Halves Boneless Skinless 
Chicken Breast Innerfillet 
Chicken Leg Boneless Skin-on 
Chicken Thigh Boneless Skin-on 
Chicken Thigh Boneless Skinless 
Chicken Leg Quarter 
Chicken Drumstick Bone-in Skin-on 
Chicken Thigh Bone-in Skin-on
Chicken 3 Joint Wings 
Chicken Chicken Middle Joint Wings 
Chicken Wingstick (Drumettes) 
Chicken Wing Tip 
Chicken Heart 
Chicken Gizzard 
Chicken Liver 
Chicken Breast Cartilage (Yagen) 

Chicken Paw             
Chicken Feet
Chicken Tail 
Chicken Back 
Neck Skin-on 
Neck Skinless
MDM - Mecanically Deboned Meat


Frozen pork front foot with 10 % nails,
Frozen pork front feet, 10 kg cartons 
Frozen pork back fat rind on, 
Frozen pork back rind, 
Frozen pork mixed rind, 
Frozen pork cutting fat, 
Frozen pork back bone, 
Frozen pork bone collar, 
Frozen pork soft fat, 
Frozen pork hind foot, 
Frozen pork fat, 
Frozen pork MDM, 
Frozen pork forequarter hock, 
Frozen pork sparerib, 
Frozen pork ½ carcasses EEC cut
Frozen pork back feet, 10 kg cartons 
Frozen pork livers, 10 kg cartons
Frozen pork stomachs, polyblocks ...
Frozen pork snout short cut, polyblocks
Sliced Pork Collar
Sliced Boneless Pork Loin
Sliced Pork Loin with Bone 
Minced Pork,Pork Knuckles Cube
Pork Belly Strips,Pork Belly Whole
Pork Belly Cubes, Pork Soft Bone Cut
Cube Pork, Pork Fat Cube
Pork Ball, Sliced Pork Liver
Sliced Pork , Pork Knuckles Whole 
Pork Knuckles Cube

Thinly Sliced Pork Belly 

Mutton & Lamb

Lamb / Halal Mutton


Lamb Neck

Mutton Neck

Lamb Scrag End

Mutton Scrag End

Neck of Lamb Fillet

Neck of Mutton Fillet

Lamb Shoulder

Mutton Shoulder

Lamb Whole Shoulder

Mutton Whole Shoulder

Lamb Half Shoulder Knuckle

Mutton Half Shoulder Knuckle

Lamb Half Shoulder Blade

Mutton Half Shoulder Blade

Lamb Boned Rolled Shoulder

Mutton Boned Rolled Shoulder

Lamb Shoulder Steak

Mutton Shoulder Steak

Lamb Breast

Mutton Breast

Lamb Trimmed Rack

Mutton Trimmed Rack

Lamb Crown of Lamb

Mutton Crown of Mutton

Lamb Cutlet

Mutton Cutlet

Lamb Valentine Steak



Silver Side,Thick Flank

Top Side, Rump Steak

Shin Shank; Trimmings

Fore Quarter Rolls, Thick Flank

Knuckle, Rump Steak

Strip Loin, Thick Flank

Blade, Brisket ,Chuck; Neck

Heart, Liver, Kidney, Tongue

Tail, Cheek Meat, Omasum
Hind Quarter Cuts (Topside, Silver-side

Knuckle and Rump-steak), 

Fore Quarter, Chuck Tender

Cubes, Slices, Trimming

Cube Roll, Tenderloin.

Buffalo Tongue
Buffalo Reticulum
Buffalo Salted Omassum
Buffalo Aorta
Buffalo Diaphragm
Buffalo Rumen
Buffalo Neck
Buffalo Intestine
Buffalo Nail Meat
Buffalo Rectum
Buffalo Spinal Cord
Buffalo Pancreas
Buffalo Testicles
Buffalo Hock Tendon
Buffalo FQ, Buffalo HQ

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